New customer acquisition

Your product is in your store or in your company and those who are interested in the product are in their homes. If we were able to show prospects your product and then convince them that you, as the seller of that product, are the best in the market, you have gained new customers, spread the word about your product, and increased your return on investment You have and we have succeeded.

Define target group

Creation of all technical consumables

Creating the advertising campaign

Monitor and improve the advertising campaign

Increasing the effectiveness of advertising

Define target group
One of the criteria for the success of the marketing campaign for an investor is that it is focused, i.e. appeals to those who are interested in the product. Therefore, we start our work by sitting with the investor to find out who are the most suitable customers for the rapid growth of his investment.
Creation of all technical consumables
No one in this day and age can deny the importance of investor availability across all social media, and that availability, according to some, is not easy. Our team is trained theoretically and practically to ensure that our clients are available on social media in an attractive way and with attractive content when needed, and gives the best impression of the investor and its products or services to the prospects.
Creating the advertising campaign
With the technical and engineering know-how of the technical team in our company, the investment, marketing and design know-how under the supervision of the marketing expert, Mr. Steinhower, comes to the advertising and marketing team to make our work more successful and effective. Controlling the marketing discourse, its effectiveness and its attractiveness to all who are interested in the product or service is a subject that Digital Neikunden has confirmed for its impressive success through its many years of work and with clients from different investment sectors.
Monitor and improve the advertising campaign
The launch of the marketing campaign for our clients is not the end of our work. The team of Digital Nuikunden is always aware of the electronic marketing campaign and its effectiveness and is always ready to intervene and make the necessary adjustments and improvements to increase the return on the advertising campaign .
Increasing the effectiveness of advertising
We take into account the situation of prospects and observers of social media. Some of them receive the advertisement while they are in the waiting room of the doctor's office or are in a means of transportation so they are not able to interact with them the advertisement and communication with the investor due to the lack of time or appropriate atmosphere for it. The customer is grateful that it is more appropriate if he receives the advertisement at a later time. Yes, the advertisement appears to him again and we guarantee our clients the highest possible percentage of interested parties.

Our success scale

  • 190
    Successful projects
  • 30%
    Sales increase
  • 94%
    Recommendation rate
  • 300+
    Successful campaigns


Creating the web pages

Given the continuous progress of the digital revolution, the presence of all investment audiences regardless of their investment sector (medical, industrial, services, construction, etc.) has become available through the Internet via a website with standard design and aesthetic specifications and with simple and intelligent applications. Digital Neikonden has hired a special team of programmers and designers to provide our clients with the best websites.

Online in 14 days

Two weeks after the project start, you will already receive a first version of the new landing page / website for approval.

Unrestricted growth

Our experience ensures smooth operations so you can focus on your business.

Web design for a fixed price

Exact budget planning: Thanks to our experience, we can offer you landing pages / websites at a fixed price.

Easy to edit

Our user-friendly platform is ideal for quick changes. You remain independent with your new landing page / website.


Your website is where visitors find all the information they need about your products and services - and convert to customers. That's why our designers are constantly working to create modern, user-friendly, and sales-boosting platforms to take your business to the next level. Our creative work speaks for itself.


Create mobile applications

In many investment sectors, customers need to be able to make quick purchases through cell phones. Digital new customers and its professional programmers can meet the customer requirements for Appel and Android mobile applications, which helps to increase their customers and profits.

Android Systems

Turn potential customers into loyal fans of your brand with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Co. Art: To communicate your message in a way that is appropriate for the platform and the target audience.

iOS System

In addition to ranking first in search engines, we have made it our mission to convert website visitors into customers.

Does your website need a new coat of paint?
Or isn't there one yet?

Web design for your success